Dyson DC55 or DC41

Dyson cyclones are efficient dust collectors, using technology that won't clog up the vacuum filter, and the Dyson DC55 OR DC41 are the most powerful Dyson model in the UK.

Radial Root Cyclone technology captures more dust and dirt, spinning it out of the airflow and into the bin, leaving your home dust and dirt free. Due to the radial formation, the airflow is more efficient and air pressure is preserved to maximise the suction making the DC55 an extremely powerful cleaning machine. Dyson vacuums have been certified for asthma and allergy sufferers helping capture those annoying microscopic particles in your home that disrupt your day.

Fully Cleaned with antibacterial solution throughout and tested. Please note that the unit maybe in another colour, Gold, Purple, Red. If you have a preference please contact me on placement of order, if no request made the colour will be shipped as per stock levels. This does not affect the performance or specification of the Dyson. Two Tools, crevice, stairs. 6 months warranty. We will bubble wrap your Dyson and secure it in a box. Will be delivered in 2-3 working days Standard and next working day Expedited, Highlands, Ireland will be two days please provide mobile number at checkout to receive your live tracking with timed delivery. Any questions please ask, other models available, supplied with operating instruction. Any warranty stated on the Dyson product page does not apply to used/refurbished items only to brand new items Limited 6 month warranty supplied as standard. Please read our website T&C page for full details.